Wednesday, November 25, 2015

There are several reviews I have read about the Super Smash Flash 2 and all of them have positive feedback about the game. Certain game features such as the gameplay, design, controls and many more aspects have already been given lots of thumbs up by most people who reviews or play the game. But, one of the best reviews that I have come across is the selection of characters of this game. I have played several characters already and I just got interested with Donkey Kong, one of the unique characters included in this awesome game.

You can always consider Donkey Kong as a starter character if you are just new to Super Smash Flash 2. But of course, you are still free to choose your favorite. With Donkey Kong, I can consider him as one of the strongest characters you can choose to battle with your chosen enemy. With his size and built, Donkey Kong has a pretty good reach allowing more points from his melee attacks. And because of this, it makes Donkey Kong capable of knocking down a stronger enemy. Using the basic attacks, if you are going to partner it with Donkey Kong’s combo and special attacks I can say it’s already a sure win for you in a battle. With the characteristic of a monkey, which is very evident with his attacks; you will be able to easily dodge your enemy’s attacks.

With Super Smash Flash 2, you will surely love Donkey Kong’s character, with his aerial attacks and a special move called Giant punch; it will surely hurt your enemy and inflict more damages. Let’s not forget his Spinning Kong which is really a life saver. Use his signature smash attacks and his Final smash for this game which is the Arcade, where Donkey Kong throws heavy barrels to his enemy or opponent that deals huge damage and knocks off the enemy as these barrels roll around the stage. Got interested in trying Donkey Kong? Well, this game is very much accessible here at Furg Games website, where you can try Donkey Kong for yourself at Super Smash Flash 2.

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